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Bad SEO Techniques

We all know there is no use of site if no body aware about it. That is why SEO comes in picture. It is obvious site get more hits which comes higher in search engine rank than those sites which are several pages back. There are few techniques to focus on for getting higher position in search engine. Few of them are not good as per search engine algorithms, which we called “Bad SEO Techniques” as listed below.

  • Hidden Text.
    The text which has same color as the background is considered as the hidden text. The user can not able to see that kind of text but the bot can see it. One should not stuff excess keywords in such a way, this considered as bad technique.
  • Link Buying.
    Buying a link is one of the most popular techniques. Because of its immediate result people attracts to follow it. But believe me, it’s very costly and at the end it’s not preferable. Google detects purchase links posted under “sponsors links” label, Google mark those links and considered them useless links.

  • Cloaking.
    Cloaking is a technique in which spider can see different contents than user. Search engines don’t like if some one tries to fool them. Site might get banned if it follows cloaking.

  • Duplicate Contents.
    Search engine robots don’t like to go through same contents 50-100 times. They would like to crawl different content every time they crawl any of web page. When robot detects duplicate content, any one of all those can be indexed. Other pages won’t get ranked.

  • Link Exchange.
    Robots really hate exchanging links. In early days, people used to follow this technique, and even today few people are still following it. It’s also known as reciprocal linking and two way linking. It won’t hurt site or wont banned site, but it won’t give any benefit either.

  • Keyword Stuffing.
    On-page optimization is one of the most important factors. Avoid use of excessive keywords in your site to get high rank in SERP. If your site is stuff with keywords, then it would not be appreciated by users as well as robots. It won’t ban site, but it affects users trust rank.

  • Link Farms.
    Don’t go for this technique at all. Say bye to link farming technique for ever. Google knows who follow this technique, if they are not found yet, they will be caught soon. The site may get penalized or may get banned. It will hurt page rank badly.

  • Use of Session IDs in URL.
    Search engines prefer static web pages. When there is session ID at the end of URL, search engine considers that page as different page when it crawls again that same page. And none of the version of the page will get ranked. If you want to boost page rank of your site, avoid using session ID.

  • Flash Implementation.
    Falsh makes your site very attractive, but using flash on site is useless and page rank killing technique according to search engine algorithms. Search engine loves text the most.

  • Use of Scripting.
    Any of the scripting language is widely use in many of the websites. Some times it’s highly required to use scripting, but the problem is, robots don’t know how to read scripts. So the links put under scripting will never get chance to get indexed or crawl.

  • Doorway Page Generation.
    Doorway pages are mainly designed for search engines not for users. It’s also known as portal pages, jump pages, entry pages, gateway pages etc. When user clicks on doorway page, it immediately redirects to another targeted web page, which is created for users.

Above all are bad search engine optimization techniques. Stay away to get long life ranking results on search engine result page.


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Mio Navman Spirit V505 on December 8, 2009 at 12:49 PM said...

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Dhaval on December 17, 2009 at 3:05 PM said...

Plenty of hard work..regarding SEO..

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Shekhar Sahu on December 25, 2009 at 1:40 PM said...

Do you know google too uses hidden texts!

Anonymous said...

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Nauman on January 27, 2010 at 5:59 PM said...

Hi ankita its Nauman
how r u doing???
can u plz explain how Link Exchange is bad seo technique?

i think it's a gud technique, Link Exchange is gud for seo coz this is how one webpage connects to another and the website gets gud ranking withing search engine, and the more u hv incoming links the more search engine gives importance to ur webpage

Ankita Shah - SEO Expert on January 29, 2010 at 11:14 AM said...

Hi Nauman,

Link exchange is a technique in which u get back link only because you r giving backlink to other site. Right?
when google bot crawl the link of another site on you web page, it redirects to another sites, same way it gets your web page's link over there and redirects back to your site, this way it come to know u did link exchanging, it gives less value to your link compared to one way link, yeah you can increase your back links by exchanging links, but its not an ethical way of link building, those links will never get priority.

I hope you got convincing answer

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