Thursday, July 9, 2009

Organic and Inorganic SEO

Organic SEO
It is a natural way of getting top ranking in SERP (search engine result page) without paying any amount to search engines for the placement. This is more preferable and trustworthy method of securing high rank on SERP.

Benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization:

  • Usually normal user’s clicks more on organically optimized sites.
  • Results are long lasting on search engine result pages.
  • Organic results are more trustworthy than inorganic results.
  • Organic service is cheaper than inorganic services.
Ways to Get Organic/Natural Results:

  • Analyze keywords.
  • Content optimization.
  • Site promotion.
  • Meta content optimization.
  • Image optimization.
  • URL optimization.
My experience says, organic SEO is the best way to follow. Many of you are following the same techniques to optimize site but might not aware that it’s organic SEO.

Inorganic SEO
It includes usually paid services such as PPC – Pay Per Click, CPC – Cost Per Click, CPA – Cost Per Acquisition, banner ads, classifieds etc. This service is very expensive. But those who wants immediate results, they can go for inorganic service.

Benefits of Inorganic Search Engine Optimization:

  • Results in sort period.
  • Site gains more visibility.
  • More traffic in sort time period.
  • Unlike organic SEO, inorganic SEO gets more effective result in very sort time.
Inorganic SEO technique is quite risky; as its cost will be count as per clicks, webmaster must remain alert from competitors, they might click on your site unnecessarily to force you pay more. There is a solution to block those users, but for that you must be aware that they clicked you unnecessarily.

If you don’t have enough money to spend, it’s better to follow organic SEO technique which is far better than inorganic SEO.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On page and Off-page Optimization

Site optimization is done in two ways. On page optimization and off page optimization.

On Page Optimization:
It includes all the factors which should be taken care while building website. Below listed are important points must be taken care during web design.

  • Analyze keywords.
  • Construct title using keywords.
  • Properly use of keywords in meta description.
  • Use of keyword in domain name.
  • Image optimization.
  • Maintain keyword Density to 4% - 5%.
  • Well mannered navigation from home page.
  • Well optimized content.
Below listed are important points which should not be followed while designing website.

  • Keyword stuffing.
  • Invisible content.
  • Hidden text/links.
  • Doorway pages.
  • Duplicate Content.
  • Link farming.
  • Clocking.
Off Page Optimization:
Basically it is related to promotion of site on internet. Various techniques are available for site promotion.

Below is the list of techniques of promotion:

  • Directory submission.
  • Search engine submission.
  • Forum posting.
  • Blog posting.
  • Article submission.
  • Press releases.
  • Classified posting.
  • Social bookmarking.
These are the two ways of optimizing site and getting high rank in SERP.

Why SEO is Important for Website?

Many of you might have question, why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for website? What does it make difference if site doesn’t follow search engine algorithms? And what benefits we will have if site is search engine friendly? These are the common questions when some one is not aware about the importance of SEO.

Today, one can find any damn information about any thing they wish on internet. One can find lots of resulting pages for any query. Market is highly competitive and to be stable in this internet world one should follow search engine algorithms. Let’s say one has business related online shopping. Building and attractive user friendly site is not enough to get quality business on internet. To get quality business there are some important task to follow, like:

  • The site must be popular among users.
  • When user type any query to shop any stuff from online, site must come on first page of search engine result page, so that users come to know about site.
To stay strongly in competitive world of internet, SEO services play very important role. To keep the business stable and to see further growth of it, I would strongly recommend for SEO of website.

Now what if site is not optimized? We all know normally users can surf maximum 5 SERP (search engine result pages). One page contains 10 results that means at maximum top 50 results or I can say top 50 sites can get chance to be noticed. Rest of the sites never get chance to be noticed. So, to get high quality traffic on any particular site, it must be in top 3 SERP. To get position in SE, site optimization is the key factor.

This is what I said about the importance of SEO. Below is the list of advantages of SEO friendly site.

  • Top position in search engine.
  • High quality traffic.
  • Traffic form particular region.
  • Increasing business popularity.
  • Business Promotion.
To get good business through internet without search engine optimization is as tough as money without working hard or I can say next to impossible until and unless site becomes very popular through mouth publicity and that takes too long time and we all know TIME IS MONEY.

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