Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SEO For Joomla Sites

Today various platforms are available for web design. Like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other CMS. Here I am going to discuss about SEO with Joomla platform.

As per my point of view, Joomla is not Search Engine friendly. Its default URL creation it’s really horrible. It might create duplicate content in several ways.

Default URLs of Joomla can be reframed as Search engine friendly Urls. Below is one of the plug-ins which will convert Joomla’s complicated and non search engine friendly URLs into static search engine friendly URls.


Above URL plug-in will solve the main problems that Joomla creates by pointing so many URLs at the same content.

Default structure of Joomla page title is: “SiteName – PageName”

This crates problem when there is long site name and long page name. Crawler can count only few characters while displaying results in SERP. Because of that sometimes it may happen your important world don’t get chance to get visibility or to get priority in SERP.

To resolve this problem, just do one required change in the joomla.php file (which is located at includes/joomla.php).

Change below code

$this->_head['title'] = $title ? $GLOBALS['mosConfig_sitename'] . ' - '. $title : $GLOBALS['mosConfig_sitename'];


$this->_head['title'] = $title && $title != "Home" ? $title : $GLOBALS['mosConfig_sitename'];

I got this solution from one of the forum, just try it once, it will definitely help you.
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